What Can Network Learning Centres Offer Moving forward?

We will be able to offer co-funded Apprenticeships to any employer whose wage bill is less than £3 Million per year. We can offer these Apprenticeships across the UK in the following areas, from the 24th of May 2017:

  • Health and Social Care, Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leadership & Management

Employers will need to contribute 10% of the total cost of the Apprenticeship and sign a contractual agreement with the Training Provider (Network Learning Centres), formally agreeing on the terms and expectations of the Apprenticeship.

Network Learning Centres will continue to deliver ALL Apprenticeships on the current standards, therefore lowering the cost of the contribution the employer must make, and ensuring there are no EXAMS or further costs at the end of the Apprenticeship.

The 10% contribution can be spread across the duration of the Apprenticeship, therefore making it more manageable for the employer.

Network Learning Centres UK Ltd will continue to ensure that the costs to the employer are kept to a minimum and that where ever possible we will absorb any financial implications.