We are continuing to provide a great deal of mandatory training for all staff in the health and social care sector. Our courses are dynamic and engaging, ensuring staff remain motivated and interested throughout. We utilise a full VARK model of engagement so that all individual learning styles are met. We like to make all courses interactive, and tend to relate them to real life scenarios, so that staff can apply what they have learnt to the workplace. Learning is measured through ongoing assessment.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information!
There have been many changes lately to the faces of both NLC and Tempo Learner Recruitment. We would like to welcome all of our new staff to the team!

By expanding our businesses, we are now able to deliver our RQF Apprenticeships to more areas than ever before!

We are delivering RQF Apprenticeships to the following areas:
Bath & North East Somerset Kent
Leicestershire Bedfordshire
Berkshire Buckinghamshire
Lincolnshire Cambridgeshire
Norfolk Northamptonshire
Nottinghamshire Derbyshire
Oxfordshire Dorset
Rutland Essex
Somerset Gloucestershire
Staffordshire Hampshire
Suffolk Hertfordshire
Surrey Sussex
West Midlands Warwickshire
Wiltshire Herefordshire
Isle of Wight

If you want to hear more about who and what we can provide to your business, or want to know how you can become a member of our team, contact us today!
A massive congratulations goes out to the staff at NLC and Tempo Learner Recruitment today!

Your dedication and hard work has allowed us to receive the matrix accreditation for the 4th year running.

By meeting the Matrix standard, we have shown our ability to assess and measure our services, which allows us to support our learners in their choice of career, learning and life goals.

Thanks everyone for continuing to support NLC’s growth, and here’s to many more good years to come!
There has been a recent change in name for the City of Westminster College, which will now be referred to as the United Colleges Group.

We work in strong partnership with the United Colleges Group, who allow us to continue providing our range of RQF Apprenticeships on both co-funded and Levy funded schemes.

If you would like to receive more information regarding our work with the United Colleges Group, then please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail with you.
This month, the government brought in new legislation that will affect the way in which all RQF awards will be funded from here on out.

Employers are now expected to make a financial contribution towards their staff's RQF qualifications. The proportion of this contribution is dependent upon the wage bill of the employer.

Those employers who have a wage bill of under £3 million, are required to make a 10% contribution towards all awards. This contribution must come directly from the employer. The payment of the contribution is flexible, and we are able to provide monthly, quarterly and upfront payment plans for the co-funded businesses who choose to work with us.

If your business' overall wage bill is above £3 million, a 50% contribution towards all RQF awards is now expected. The 50% contribution must be deducted from your company's Digital Wallet, and used for the payment of all RQF awards. The digital wallet has already been topped up by £15,000, by the government, to fund your staff member’s training.

Moving forward, Network Learning Centres *(change to Tempo for the other website), will be providing RQF Apprenticeships under both the Levy and Co-Funded framework, using the old standards.

If you would like to receive information regarding our costings for the 10% and 50% contributions, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. We can also guide you through the process of setting up, and using, your digital account to enrol your learners on the Levy scheme.
All of our RQF awards are now accredited by BIIAB!

BIIAB are the awarding organisation for work based learners and employers. They are a highly experienced awarding body in the work based learning sector. Under BIIAB, we will be able to deliver our highest level of quality assurance, and be able to deliver efficient and effective for both our learners and employers.

Our Centre Approved Certificate was awarded on 13/01/17.