Carolynn Hopkins
On my second course with Network learning. Both times have been thoroughly enjoyable. I have had two lovely assessors, the late, great Kath Arthurs and now the wonderful Rachael Moore. Rachael has been brilliant, and kindly helping me tackle my worst nightmare Microsoft Excel. Been very patient with me and giving me extra practice mocks to get me ready for the Excel exam. Always responsive to emails or texts, and I know she's there if I need her. Thank you, Rachael, it's a pleasure working with you.
Ahmed Ali Elghoul
I have finished diploma level 3 in health and social care I find it very helpful and very easy, I can't believe the amount of information and knowledge that I gained. I done it with Annie she very helpful and she did help me with it and explain anything could be confused she was always on time and never been late and one of the best assessor I ever seen. Thank you so much, nothing can describe how professionals she was and nlc in they way how you work. One of the best learning centre. Highly recommended it for everyone special if you do it with Annie. Again thank you so much for everything.
Kay Sainthouse
I have found Network Learning Centre a very supportive and an informative provider in delivering the opportunity to work through my NVQ L3 in health and social care. Great support from Rachel Moore, my assessor, who has shown a great deal of patience and advice in helping me to manage different ideas and aspects for the modules. My assessor has always been available for when I have needed advice. She has given me alternative methods in adapting ways for me to work through my NVQ successfully. Great provider with plentiful support.
Samantha Sammy Peachey
Fantastic course, great assessor. Plenty of time and patience and friendly too. Made to feel welcome and relaxed atmosphere during meetings.
Maxine Williams
I've just finished studying for my NVQ level 2 in Health & Social care with NLC. A big Thank You to my assessor Annie Blackshields for all your help & support. Having regular one to one Meetings has really helped & thanks for being at the end of the phone to answer any of my questions!
I look forward to going on to level 3 ! I would definitely recommend NLC .
Tunde Turcu
I've signd up with Network Learning Centres UK Ltd to do my NVQ Level3 , my assesor is Ann-Marie Blackshields, an amazing person, I have had all the support needed , Annie was always there for me to explain if I've didn't understand something, I'm ever so pleased that I used this company , they are so flexible too and you've got time for everything. The course itself was very interesting , learned loads of new things which they're gonna help me in my career.Highly recommend for sure and I'll definitely be back to do more diplomas with them as want to step up in my career and this is the best company ever to do so!! So keep it like this Network Learning Centres UK Ltd , you are a star and the best choice for everyone !!!!!!! Thank you Network Learning Ltd and a huge THANK YOU Annie for all your support given to me through all this time, you are fantastic!!
Bex McDiarmid
I have completed my level 3 in Health and Social care and now have the knowledge and ability to advance and further my career! Thank you so much Tina Vincent for being a wonderful support.
Tsvetomira Gecheva
Grace Green was my NVQ 3 assessor. I enjoyed doing the course and she was extremely helpful. I would recommend to anybody interested in completing such a qualification to choose Network Learning Centre.
Annie-Jane Myers
My assessor is Wendy Drakes and she is excellent, very supportive and has always had excellent communication with me throughout my awards, I've completed my business admin award already and I am currently doing the management level 3. Would highly rate network learning for any awards!
Emma Stack
My assessor was Grace Green and she was there for me whenever I needed help she made me feel at ease with her as I was nervous about talking into a dictaphone I enjoyed doing my level 2 and I think this is because of grace she took her time as I had to take my maths test twice after failing it she sent me work that I could practice with she was good at her job and very friendly
Helen Ridgway, Student
My name is Helen Ridgway, I have recently completed my NVQ2. It has helped me immensely in my job role and duties, with moving and handling, administering medication and other duties. My assessor Angela Haskey was brilliant, she was very supportive and understanding.
Kirsty Pike, Lyn Smith Morris, Kirsty Fruitter, Sandy Flood, Teresa Debenham
We are a group of learners from the isle of Wight we are doing nvq3 and team leadership courses. We are very happy with our Assesor Tina she is very help full and easy to contact . Tina makes our learning fun especially after some of us have done a night shift. Tina helps us reach out targets with in the time limit . we are very happy with the way our course's are going and are great full for all of Tina's support and guidance.
Angie Woodling,
My journey on undertaking NVQ 3 in health and social care was such a positive experience . I feel that the support I received from you was absolutely excellent . When I first enrolled on the course I was so nervous about it as I had changed my career completely didn't think I knew enough about health and social care services so for me it felt very alien and I knew I had to throw myself into the course and I felt really unsure and apprehensive that I would understand it . So with your guidance and encouragement I started to believe in myself that I could do it, and this helped me to gain confidence for what I was capable of doing . You always gave me praise and reassured me that I was getting it right , feedback was constructive and very complimentary for the standard of work I was submitting and this was so vital to me as it made me push myself even further .
I really enjoyed the course and I feel that I have learnt so much and I have achieved so much more knowledge within my chosen career as a support worker . Since I have done this course I have gained promotion and am now deputy manager and looking forward to the next level training.
My one tip to anyone who does this course is to do you research on each unit, and have faith in your assessor.
Beverley Johnston, I Social Care
I have been supported during my self funded Level 5 in Health and Social Care
qualification via NLC, by Angela Haskey.

It is not an easy challenge to work through a qualification at this level,
whilst working at the same time!

I have found the support I receive from Angela invaluable.

It is clear that she has a real understanding of the challenges facing care
providers in this sector, and works hard at supporting me flexibly, whilst
encouraging me to do the best that I can in my study, and to keep going when it
feels a bit much!

Her occupational and sector experience mean that I can have discussions with
somebody who is highly knowledgeable and can guide me towards demonstrating the
skills I possess or researching a bit more about topics I feel less confident

The fact that Angela is so conscientious, precise and reliable makes it hard for
me as a learner to just try and 'get by' with the work I submit!
Her standards mean that mine are high also.

I have had excellent feedback from my colleagues, who have also had Angela as
their assessor. For those who have returned to study after a long break, she has
been great at putting them at their ease and having confidence in their
abilities (even during observations!)

I have recommended Angela to other care providers locally.

The Level 5 has been incredibly tough, but a brilliant learning journey - thank
you Angela. NLC are lucky to have you!
Annie Smekens, Training Manager of Kingly Care
Our staff have been engaged with both QCF 2 and 3's over the last 18 months or so. I have found NLC, and Angela, supportive to all her students and gives them appropriate guidance where necessary - access to Angela off site is always available.

In monitoring the staff at Kingly, I have found they respond well to all the learning materials provided by NLC, and know they can approach Angela if necessary.

I have had direct contact with NLC and Angela, on a number of occasions and they always respond and provide time to answer queries or sort out problems.

We will continue to work in partnership with NLC for the foreseeable future to provide good quality training for our staff.
Ali Burnett, Team Leader of AUTISM SUSSEX
Just to confirm that i have been assessed for my NVQ level 3 Health & Social Care by Teresa

She started seeing back in July after i had a bit of downtime from my NVQ due to a re-structure at my workplace

I had lost a bit of interest in the whole thing due to a number of pressures and Teresa came along and gave me the encouragement and support to get a move on with it.

She has been a great support and has kept me on track throughout.
Amanda Sullivan, Support worker Eden view
It has been 20+ years since I undertook my NVQ level 2 and my old boss put me in for NVQ level 3 without asking me, just told me I was doing it as I was more than capable so I was thrown in without even thinking about it, a little daunting but in all honesty usually the best way!!!
After all I thrive on a challenge!!! The initial signing up was very relaxed and was explained very well and clearly the process and what we should expect from the courses. After this there was a long time lapse between signing up and getting our course material which was a shame as I like to just throw myself into study if I am going to do it. Once I got my folder and was told to work through the workbook it was a long period before I was seen again, the time periods were too long I feel personally for me but I carried on regardless, just a little frustrating. But from then on appointments got more frequent so I was much happier, Rachel is very good, understanding, she helps and explains things very well, nothing is too much trouble and when contacting her she gets straight back to me. I was disappointed on learning I had failed the reading part of my functional skills and a little shocked to be honest as found that so I thought the easiest part of the exam, so requested to know how many points I had failed on but Rachel informed me they don't give a score just a pass or fail which I do find ridiculous feedback would of been so helpful, can only assume I didn't give enough information in my answers but would of been helpful to have known for sure. As for NLC the provider I haven't had much contact with personally, but I am enjoying the course and look forward the the end of my course which is nearing. I have found the course rewarding, challenging at times but enjoyable and on the whole interesting. After all is always good to gain new qualifications to gain more responsibility. So only good experiences with Rachel and the provider, thank you for this opportunity.
Amadu Kromah
I am taking this time to give my personal opinion with regards to my experience with with you as my assessor.

I have come to respect and appreciate you for the huge interest and dedication you continue to exhibit while dealing with me. You have shown a lot of patience and always prepare to give detail explanation to subject or topics of interest relevant to the courses.

I have been very relaxed and always anxiously look forward to meeting with you.

Given the choice, I will like to do future courses with you because of your high level of professionalism and dedication towards impacting knowledge. In short, I am very much thrilled to have you as my assessor.
Mrs V Hildred, Manager of Waterloo House

I would like to express my gratitude to Grace for her hard work and dedication to the staff at Waterloo House. She has been our assessor now for a couple of years. She supports the learners and always gives me plenty of feedback. She notifies the home if she is unable to attend at anytime and will liaise with the learners individually. We look forward to continually working with Grace in the future.
Ellen Abrahart, Manager of Oak Lodge
Rachel has been supporting staff at Oak Lodge for some months now and has always been very professional. Staff report back explaining Rachel explains all requirements, Rachel also gives me feedback on each member of staff each visit.
Rachel is always pleasant and is firm but fair with staff. I would recommend Rachel as a Assessor to any home as she represents her company to a very high standard.
Joy Tremayne, Manager of The Old Rectory Dignity Group

I am writing to give my feedback on Network Learning and Tina Vincent your representative working with my staff team.
Tina is a very personable lady who has made what can be a daunting task appear achievable to my staff team. Tina gets and works with the environments at The Old Rectory, which is so import.
I receive excellent feedback from her regarding the progress of the candidates, which enables me as their line manager to raise issues and offer praise during their supervisions.
Tina is very professional as a representative of your company and I would have no hesitation of recommending her or your company.
Mrs Brenda Desave West, Manager of Turning Point Project

Dear Tina,

I would just like to say a big thank you for all the support you have provided to my staff undertaking their QCF levels 2-3, the staff have really enjoyed their learning and put these new practices into their working day.
I would also personally like to thank you for keeping me informed as a new manager it’s vital that information is passed to managers, to enable us to plan our staffs development in health and social care.

I would recommend your service to other care home due to the services you have provided.
Les Tyrrell, Training & Recruitment Office for Westminster Home Care
I can confirm that Karen Rose is the QCF assessor attached to my branch , she currently delivers all QCF qualifications in Health and Social Care to all the carers I employ on behalf of Westminster Home Care Enderby trading as Home Choice Care during the time Karen has been with us I have found her work to be of the highest calibre , she has supported all our carers to complete the qualification and supports those whos language barriers have stopped them from attaining formal qualifications before , any problems we have had we have been able to deal with them together infact the only major problem we have had has been a last minute cancellations of meetings due to her employer calling a last minute staff meeting which resulted in us having to reorganise rotas and carers .We had huge problems with previous NVQ/QCF Assessors so much so I had to remove our learners down to very poor quality assessments marking and support , Karen however has been a huge plus for our branch in that our carers want to study with her because she is so easy to understand and fair ,
Karen is always smartly dressed and polite she works within the branch maintaining confidentiality in the event of emergencies that occur .
I am now responsible for an additional 200 carers career development and have links with Leicester College who have offered to take on all our learners as a block  but due to the professional manner of Karen this is not something I will consider while Karen is with us ,I am hopeful that Karen will be able to start rolling the additional carers onto QCF Health and Social Care after they complete their probation period but this is something for the future
Nnana Kalu, Senior Residential Support Worker
I am currently enrolled on the Team Leadership Level 2 Apprenticeship with Network Learning Centres. I must say that this learning experience has been fun and less tedious for me as I have been adequately supported by my Assessor. She has assisted me while completing this course so that juggling studies and full time work has been less stressful than I expected. She keeps to her appointments and is on time too. She is always very easy to reach over the phone. I owe my success in this course to the support I have received from Network Learning Centres and my Assessor, and I would definitely recommend this company to friends and colleagues for training and courses in the future.
Julia Picketts, Options Buckingham, 
I have recently completed the Team Leadership Level 2 course through Network Learning Centres. When my manager first suggested me doing this I was rather reluctant due to my age (59). However, after meeting with my Assessor Sarah Whitchurch, I began to think differently about the course as she explained everything fully and put me at ease.
I found the course interesting, challenging at times, but I really enjoyed all of the written workbook. I was quite nervous about the exams except for the maths as I enjoy figure work. Sarah reassured me and put me at ease. She supported me throughout the course, and I knew that if I was unsure about anything, I could always ring, text or e-mail her.
I am very pleased that I have done this course. Apart from becoming a Team Leader in my role as a Care Assistant, my manager wanted me to do this course to encourage me to become more assertive. She has told me that she has noticed a big difference in me regarding this matter and is pleased. I feel more confident in my job role. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do the Team Leadership Level 2 course.
Donna Moutarde, Care Home Manager
We have been working with Network Learning Centres for over 6 months now. 3 of my senior staff are doing the Team Leadership Level 2 course. They have been well supported by Kim Chamberlain their Assessor, she is very organised and always keeps her appointments and prepares them well for her visits. Kim has liased with myself on every step of the process which keeps me updated and aware of what my staff are acheiving. I know my staff like her and she is aware of their learning needs and capabilities.
I would recommend this company for training and gaining knowledge for all staff requirements, I hope to continue working together for my staff development.
Carl Bedford, Wellington Support
"Learning while working full-time is no easy process, but with NLC they support you all the way. My tutor will always be on the end of the phone or email when I need some advice. They understand you as a person and support you with the course to your individual learning ability. If you want to learn around your busy lifestyles then look no further". 
Sarah Law , Holbrook Centre for Austism
"The Idea of going at my own pace appealed to me. The portfolio is great as I can refer back to work if I need to. I have used the on-line assessments and being able to email my tutor with queries is less time consuming than having to make a call".
B and J Security
"We have been extremely happy with the training that has been provided. The quality and tutor support has been excellent".
Federal Mogal Fricition Products Ltd.
"All learners here have made the decision themselves to take this course. It is very flexible to the individuals shifts and learning abilities".
Becky Grove, Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship
"When I received my placement, I was inducted by Network Learning Centres, an Induction Officer came and explained the process and contents of the award, and how it will improve my career prospects and possible progression. The resources given to me by Network Learning helped me understand the apprenticeship requirements and how to obtain the evidence."
Helen Allsopp, Connexions
"I like the idea of being able to learn in the workplace and not have to attend college yet the end result is extra knowledge and qualifications".
Claire Phillips, International Ltd
"They are an excellent training provider with superb tutor support".